Disc golf uses the same principals of play as regular golf, but instead of using clubs and golf balls, the player throws a disc (frisbee) from a tee pad to a basket on a pole. The score is based on the number of throws it takes to get the disc to land in the basket. 

Do You Need Special Equipment?

Special weighted discs are preferred by disc golf pros, but you can use a regular frisbee to play. 

Basic Rules of Play

Scoring- Each throw counts as one point. The object is to acquire the lowest total score. Each hole has a par score, the number of throws expected to get the disc in the basket. 

Tee Throws - Throws must be completed within the tee area.

Fairway Throws - Fairway throws must be made with both feet no closer to the hole than where the disc last landed. 

Putt Throws - Within 10 yards of the pole, falling or jumping putts are not allowed. 

Out of Bounds - A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from the point where the disc went out of bounds, and a one-point penalty is incurred. Water hazards and public roads are always out of bounds.